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South Africa

Evolution is a global leader in the design, sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of lifestyle focused products. We manage a diverse portfolio of brands consisting of owned, licensed and private label brands, which are sold direct to consumers, through big box retailers, e-commerce companies or marketplaces and through distributors.


Established in 2005, our company was founded on principles of ones reputation, real values, quality and speed of execution.


 Product divisions

Fitness Equipment

Athleisure & Clothing

Cycling & Sports

Home & Office


Our expertise


Global Retail specialists


Product design and brand development


Global product sourcing


Retailer execution


Direct to consumer e-commerce sales

17+ years of consistent growth

Over 400,000 bicycles sold annually

Over 750,000 Yoga mats sold annually

Over 30,000 Treadmills sold annually

Over 100,000 Gazebo’s sold annually

Over 300,000 Camping chairs sold annually

Over 20,000 home visits annually



Our Retail Partners

The group’s ongoing commitment to world-class products that comply with global standards has led to associations with many of the top retail brands in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.